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Bay Area Urban Debate League Summer Camp

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Protected: 2011 Fremont Solstice Parade

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A photographic life is something special

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Grandpa Across Generations

As a second generation photographer, I often think about the affect my mother’s work has had on my own. We share many similar sentiments regarding photography, the photography produced today, and even smaller idiosyncrasies. But every now and then I take a photograph that makes the comparison that much more meaningful and interesting.

These are two photographs taken 14 or 15 years apart of my mom’s dad. On the left is my mom’s photograph at Grandpa’s auto shop. On the right is my photograph at Grandpa’s farm. He has always been surrounded by our furry friends in need as far back as I can remember. In fact, his care for strays dates at least as far back as his service during the Vietnam War. One story I overheard as a child was that the dogs and cats in Vietnam were so attuned to his caring that they knew the unique sound of his Harley and would rush onto the street, following his motorcycle to the barracks. I wish I could share the photograph I’ve recreated in my head of such moments.

Grandpa lives on Guam, now, which has a serious problem with stray and abandoned animals. They are often dumped on the side of the road to fend for themselves, or, just as often, get run over. Those that he finds often wind up at his auto shop and farm. He cooks huge amounts of food from the scraps he picks up from restaurants and adds the wet to the dry food he still buys at the Commissary, on Base. His kindness to all creatures, big and small, is something I admire above most things and I am thankful that my mom and I have been able to document what we can of his extraordinary and unwavering kindness to his animals across generations.

Fun with flash and fill night portraiture

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Continuing on with trying to post at least one photograph per day, here. Or at least work on photography a bit, each day, in the mornings.

This is a photograph of my good friend Royce on a winter night’s drive from Seattle to Camano Island to sit and drink and photograph on a beach. Chris Vieth, of PurdyClevur, was there to help and share in the fun. Golly gee was it cold. So cold, in fact, that the beer we had sitting on the beach would freeze once we popped the cap! Chemistry is so cool.

This is a 30 second exposure at f/11. Royce would pose for us, we’d hit the shutter and fire the flash, then count to 10 or 15 seconds and have him run out of the frame as fast as he could so he didn’t leave a trail in the photograph. His dark clothing and the backlighting of the clouds and city lights of Everett, WA all contribute to making this a clean, single exposure. Do it once, do it right, do it in camera! :)

Royce -camano island

Back to photography . . .

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A friend recently pointed out that I need to force myself to spend at least an hour a day doing what I love and what I truly want to do with my life. Plus, the batteries for the electric weed whacker I have need to re-charge, so yard work is postponed for a bit.

This photograph is from 2008 at an Obama/Martin Luther King peace rally at the Northwest African American Museum. Students from Garfield High School (Seattle, WA) hosted several elementary schools in their march to the NAAM. I’ll post the full gallery, later.

A boy raises the peace sign at an elementary, middle and high school peace rally for Martin Luther King day (January 2008).

A boy raises the peace sign at an elementary, middle and high school peace rally for Martin Luther King day (January 2008).

Ross Lake camping trip

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I’m starting to really look forward to this year’s camping trip. I’d done my fair share of camping and backpacking, before, but nothing really prepares you for backcountry camping with a Walters!

Ross Lake 2011 24

24 Hour Photo Project #1 – Things Cara and Brynn left at my apartment

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Last year, I went away for a while and asked my friends Cara and Brynn to take care of my cats. I had also challenged them to rearrange things in my apartment, even redecorate. They did not disappoint. Despite being jet-lagged and tired, I set myself the goal to find everything the had changed in my domicile and photograhp it!

This is the result. (Click the photograph to view the gallery)

A tiny hat adorned my pull-up bar.

Guam Elders project rehash

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I’m slowly recovering all of my photography from the past decade (multiple, simultaneous hard drive failures suck!). In 2010 I visited Guam to photograph Chamorros who had survived the Japanese occupation during World War II.

This set is of Joaquin “Jack” Lujan, the last master blacksmith on Guam. He is working with his grandson, who is his apprentice. Over the course of 2 hours, the Lujans finished a “Kamyu” (a coconut greater). During World War II, Mr. Lujan and his father were forced to make tools and fix parts for the Japanese. Now in his 90′s, Mr. Lujan will be the last Master Blacksmith trained to make traditional Chamorro tools.

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2012 Year in Review

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