Photography by C. Grant McCool

  1. Guam

    Photographing my Guam elders, in 2010, that survived the Japanese occupation during World War II

  2. The Debaters

  3. The Science Stars of Lamping Elementary School

    The children at Lamping Elementary School have perhaps the coolest STEM facilities in the United States.

  1. The Facial Foliage of Beard Team USA - rough draft (s)

    Part 2: The 2011 Beard Parade

  2. 24 Hour Book Project - June 2011

    I am a frequent traveller. During my busiest stretches of the year, I often see my own bed less than 50% of the time. Unfortunately, I also own cats. Fortunately, though, they're cats. No boarding required. All you need is enough friends to be able to…