1. Guam

    Photographing my Guam elders, in 2010, that survived the Japanese occupation during World War II

  2. Beard Team USA

    Photographs of competitive bearding

  3. Alternative Photography

    I like to dabble in historical photographic processes

  4. Ross Lake and other Camping Fun

    This is where you'll find the majority of my landscapes.

  5. The Science Stars of Lamping Elementary School

    The children at Lamping Elementary School have perhaps the coolest STEM facilities in the United States.

  6. 24 Hour Book Project

    While away, my cat sitters re-decorated my apartment in stealthy and non-stealthy ways. I challenged myself to creatively photogra…

  7. The Debaters

  8. Vegas From the Hip

    Mini-Project photographing Las Vegas casino floors from my hip