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24 Hour Book Project - June 2011

I am a frequent traveller. During my busiest stretches of the year, I often see my own bed less than 50% of the time. Unfortunately, I also own cats. Fortunately, though, they're cats. No boarding required. All you need is enough friends to be able to come over and keep the food and water dishes full.

I also enjoy rearranging my apartment. So much so that my friends jokingly refer to new arrangements in numbered release order; Living Room 1.5, Bedroom 3.0, etc. I'm pretty sure at one place, they counted rearrangements into the double digits over two years.

This project invited less control over my own rearrangement fun. While at the Look3 Festival of the Photograph in Charlottesville, VA I invited two friends (and sometimes cat-sitters) to rearrange and redecorate while I was away. They took a subtler approach to redecorating than most. In thanks, I set out to find and photograph everything they added or moved, print, bind, and deliver a book of their work within 24 hours.