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  1. Grandma Chai and Mrs. Naputi-Mantanona

    Grandma Chai used to babysit me when my parents were in college. I visited the southern village of Inarajan to photograph her cook…

  2. Grandpa Vallejos' Farm

    My grandfather survived the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War II, often considered one of the most brutal oc…

  3. Master Blacksmith - Joaquin "Jack" Lujan

    As an apprentice, Uncle "Jack" Lujan fixed parts and tools for the Japanese during the occupation of Guam.

  4. Concepcion "Conny" Manglona

    Mrs. Manglona was on another occupied island during World War II. Because of her nerves, I limited myself to just one exposure.

  5. December 8th - 2010

    December 8th is the day the Japanese invaded. It is also the island's Patron Saint's, Santa Marian Kamalen, feast day. Most of the…

  6. Tweed's Cave

    Heritage Hike to Tweed's Cave with We Are Guahan